Columbia Theological Seminary | Graduate Student Residence Hall

Decatur, Georgia

Columbia Theological Seminary

Square Footage

Four-story residence hall featuring: studio apartments; one-, two- and four-bedroom apartment units; a recreation and workout area, accessible to the entire student body; a community kitchen with indoor and outdoor seating and fireplaces; a laundry area for residents; and support spaces. The building was designed with residential units on both sides of a central organizing spine on three residential floors.

Major common spaces are located on the level below the main entry level, which overlooks recreation fields. The character of the living spaces can be categorized as a ‘soft loft,’ with natural flooring, use of bold accent walls and high ceilings in the unit living areas. The project includes a geothermal heat pump mechanical system. The structure is cast-in-place concrete with brick and cast stone veneer. The roof consists of pre-engineered metal trusses with Ecostar recycled simulated slate shingles.

The project is LEED Gold certified.

Awards & Recognition