Weaving through six interconnected buildings, the Coca-Cola Main Street project converted more than 521,000 square feet of the corporate campus into a continuous network of common spaces, conference suites, dining facilities and outdoor courtyards. Renovations also equipped the space for unique amenities such as a fitness center, coffee shop, retail store, medical office, credit union and pharmacy.

The project included 450,00 square feet of high-end interior renovation construction and 71,000 square feet of exterior courtyard construction over structural sub-level loading docks and parking decks. As an added challenge, work was completed in an active corporate office environment which houses 4,800 employees and required work to be split into eight phases of construction. Each phase was treated as an individual project within the overall project scope.

Although the Builders 2020 joint venture, including Leapley Construction and Balfour Beatty Construction, was created in 2013, New South Construction has been completing projects for The Coca-Cola Company since their inception in 1990. The success of the Main Street project led The Coca-Cola Company to add additional construction renovation projects to Builders 2020’s scope.

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