New South Construction Company is committed to the growth and success of our employees. We firmly believe investing in the development of our employees is investing in the future of our firm. We are committed to providing our staff with a continued education program where we provide constant training for both professional and personal development. Now, in our 30th year of business, we are proud of our employees who continue to grow with us.


Dustin Lancaster, Field Engineer

“For me, every day is different. It is what I love about the industry – no day is the same as the last!”- Dustin

Dustin previously worked for another general contractor and was introduced to New South by a friend in July 2018.

“I had spent the last five years with another contractor and had started to question my growth there. I had a friend who worked at New South who was always talking about his job and spoke highly of the company, and it piqued my interest. Once I applied online, I quickly received a call to schedule an interview at the office. A few days later, I got the call with an offer I could not refuse,” says Dustin.

Dustin was hired at New South as a carpenter, and after his first review 90 days later, he was promoted to a carpenter foreman role. One year later, in July 2019, Dustin was promoted to a full-time position as a field engineer.

“When I came to New South, I knew I would have the opportunity for career growth. I am thankful to work with a company that does not dismiss hard work, and recognizes their employees for the work and time they put in.”

As Dustin’s role has changed over the last couple of years, so have his responsibilities. As a carpenter, Dustin was primarily responsible for himself; as a carpenter foreman, he managed a crew of 11 carpenters. Now, as a field engineer, Dustin is managing subcontractors and oversees time sheets, schedules, safety, and production.

“Overall, I appreciate the family atmosphere at New South. I have never been denied help when I’ve asked for it and it feels like everyone is a team player. I really love the project team I am working with,” says Dustin.


Zach Johnson, Assistant Superintendent

“Construction is a very rewarding career path. It is a field where your environment is constantly changing, and at the end of every project, you get to see people using and enjoying something you built.” – Zach

Zach was working as a millwork installer when a friend who worked as a subcontractor for New South suggested he reach out to New South for employment.

“I went out to one of New South’s job sites and met with a superintendent to talk about the company, career opportunities, and benefits, and he convinced me to go for it. The following Monday I went to the main office and completed an application,” said Zach.

Zach was hired in October 2013 as a carpenter and now works as an assistant superintendent on one of New South’s largest projects, Peachtree Hills Place. A typical day for Zach involves meetings with subcontractors to ensure work is progressing safely, effectively, and on schedule. As an assistant superintendent, he also assesses and manages quality control and assurance against drawings from the designer.

Aside from Zach’s role on the jobsite, he has been able to get involved with the Construction Education Foundation of Georgia (CEFGA) and has worked with New South as a volunteer at CEFGA’s annual Career Expo.

Zach’s advice to someone interested in a career in the construction industry: “Field experience is just as important as book knowledge. The people who are working onsite are the experts because this is what they do every day. Education is important, but in my experience, having the first-hand knowledge of how things are performed and practiced, is the most important aspect. There are no stupid questions on a job site – if you don’t know the answer, there is always someone to help you accomplish the task at hand safely and effectively.”


We are proud of our employees’ success stories, and we would love to add yours.

At New South Construction, we provide the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the construction industry, explore career avenues, and acquire lifelong industry and trade skills. Whether you are a high school senior looking for summer employment, or a college student seeking an internship, the opportunities at New South are limitless.

Additionally, New South offers a scholarship program through the New South Foundation. The scholarship program is geared toward incoming freshmen and rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors, who have a family member currently working in the construction industry. Applications are accepted online through March 31, 2020.

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This article originally ran in Georgia Contractor’s March 2020 issue.