This article was written for AGC Georgia

ALEXANDRIA CHAMPAGNE, Senior Preconstruction Manager, New South Construction Company

Alexandria Champagne, Senior Preconstruction Manager at New South Construction, is a dynamic leader with a deep-rooted passion for the construction industry. With a comprehensive background spanning various roles, including Preconstruction Engineer, Assistant Preconstruction Manager and Preconstruction Manager, Champagne has gained invaluable experience over her journey, culminating in her current role.

Growing up around construction, with her father working for a general contractor, Champagne developed a fascination for the process of building and constructing from a young age. Her love for numbers naturally led her towards the preconstruction side of the industry. She thrives on the complexity and challenges inherent in putting together proposals and pricing for clients, relishing the opportunity to present her work to prospective clients.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Champagne is deeply involved in community outreach and mentorship initiatives. She actively participates in panels and conferences discussing women in construction, advocating for cultural change and industry trends. She is a driving force behind New South’s WiNS Group (Women in New South), facilitating opportunities for female employees to connect and support each other through charitable activities and social gatherings. Additionally, she supports organizations like Construction Ready, encouraging young women to explore careers in the skilled trades.

Recognizing the need for greater gender diversity in the industry, Champagne believes in educating women about the multitude of opportunities available beyond traditional stereotypes. She advocates for flexible work arrangements to accommodate women balancing career and family responsibilities. With nearly half of New South’s preconstruction department comprising women, Champagne sees progress in reaching out to female students and demonstrating the vast opportunities within the construction industry.

As a female professional in a male-dominated field, Champagne credits much of her success to the support and mentorship of her male colleagues who have always been a great resource for her professional development path. Their encouragement and guidance have been instrumental in her career growth, reinforcing her passion for her work.

One project holds special significance for Champagne—Peachtree Hills Place. Leading a team from start to finish, she was intimately involved in every aspect, providing customized pricing for high-end clients. This project allowed her to showcase her leadership skills and deliver a beautiful end product, solidifying her reputation as a trusted and accomplished professional within the industry.

AGC Georgia celebrates Alexandria Champagne, a member of the association’s Young Leadership Program, during Women in Construction Week for her contributions to inspiring young women to see the construction industry as a rewarding career path.