This article was written and published by Atlanta Business Chronical on August 21, 2023. 

When asked to name his biggest challenge, Greg Schlich didn’t hesitate. “That we’re attracting the right folks,” said Schlich, executive vice president, finance and administration, New South Construction. In 2022, the general contractor’s revenues were just shy of $500 million. The company is on pace to bring in $525 million in 2023. “Our backlog is the strongest we’ve ever had,” explained Schlich. “That allows us to hire and invest in people.”

While the company is doing well financially, Schlich explained New South puts more focus on the company’s impact on individuals and their families than it does on revenue.

In the Best Places to Work Survey in the Large Company category, one of New South’s 260 employees wrote: “It is an overall great organization that cares about the product it generates, and the clients they generate products for. They carefully select employees that emulate that same mindset.”

The company is generationally diverse. A number of New South’s employees have been with the company for more than 20 years, and a big part of the company’s growth is its internship program. This summer New South hosted 13 collegiate interns (just under half were women). “A key part of your career here is to grow the next generation,” Schlich said.

The company’s WINS (Women in New South) program provides opportunities for female employees at New South to engage in professional development opportunities as well as social outings. A “Build U” training and development website helps with everything from personality assessments to technology training.

“If we put employees in situations where they can grow and be successful, then they’ll want to be here long term,” Jon Harris, executive vice president, preconstruction, said. “That will make us successful. It works hand in hand.”