Coca-Cola Manufacturing Plant Phase 1.5

Atlanta, Georgia

Coca-Cola North America

Square Footage

The purpose of the Phase 1.5 project was the renovation of existing warehouse space at the Coca-Cola Atlanta Syrup Plant in order to create new processing space. The project consisted of excavating two deep basements inside the plant, which required the installation of both micropiles and soil nail systems, and building mixing and batching rooms, ingredient rooms, electrical rooms, packaging areas and multiple mezzanines. In addition to working with the plant to coordinate construction activities, New South also participated in detailed coordination efforts with the process and packaging contractors to facilitate such activities as setting process tanks in the middle of the construction activities.

With the work area being located in the middle of the plant, some of the biggest challenges for the construction team centered around the logistical requirements – getting material and men into the work area, getting dirt and waste out of the work area and conducting all of the construction without interrupting the plant’s operations or compromising the quality of its products. New South spent a great deal of time and effort working with the owner to ensure that the construction goals could be met while working in this  environment. The key to success turned out to be thorough and accurate communication, which was possible in part by New South attending the plant’s daily coordination meetings.