Coca-Cola Manufacturing Plant Phase 2

Atlanta, Georgia

Coca-Cola North America 

Square Footage

The Coca-Cola Phase 2.0 project involved the construction of a 20,000 sf Automated Storage and Retrieval System  (AS/RS) and a 10,000 sf distribution warehouse. This  project was the first of its kind for The Coca-Cola Company and represented a technological breakthrough for their shipping and packaging operations.

Coca-Cola brought together the team of New South Construction and Intelligrated as prime contractors in order to deliver this project. Key aspects included:

  • Ensuring reinforcement steel in the AS/ RS foundation was clear of thousands of 5” deep embedment anchors for the AS/RS racking structure. The 24” mat foundation for the AS/RS structure contained over 400 tons of reinforcement steel. Due to structural considerations, embedment anchors for the racking system were not allowed to penetrate any of the reinforcement steel. New South had to utilize advanced equipment and painstaking care to ensure layout and installation of reinforcement steel was precise with no margin for error.
  • Installation of outside Air Turnover Units (AT.Us) along the entire side of the AS/RS building. Installation of ATUs on the outside of a building was an innovative approach to allow Coca-Cola to maximize usable building space. The structural steel frame for the ATUs attached directly to the AS/RS structure and required detailed planning and coordination to ensure all the different parts and pieces could be installed successfully. New South was responsible for creating a multi-phase installation plan that intertwined structural steel and mechanical