Schutz Container Systems Manufacturing Facility

Carl, Georgia

Schutz Container Systems

Square Footage

The internal functional arrangement of the manufacturing line was designed and constructed to maintain an orderly manufacturing sequence and the color pallet – light grays, whites, and bright yellows – were selected to reinforce the perception of cleanliness and quality. The client is a global manufacturer headquartered in Germany and desired that, while the manufacturing areas express certain ideals and qualities in the local construction vernacular, the office are reflect their values as a German company in general and specifically reinforced their values for honesty, integrity, and transparency in their business relationships. The office area is notable for the exposed, unpainted, cast-in-place concrete walls, glass walled offices, clear anodized aluminum mullions, granite counters, and clear finished wood veneer doors and accent paneling – a color pallet developed from the natural color of the materials used to create the offices.

The facility was a fast-track project, utilizing tilt-up concrete construction method. Schutz Container Systems has the biggest IBC production network in the U.S. and employs 600 employees at their seven locations. The completion of their Carl project was extremely challenging in regards to: scheduling, trade coordination, and confined space for construction. Unique features include; the 50’ deep x 16’ in diameter slitter pit excavation, rail spur construction, overhead bridge cranes, industrial sized crane bay door, and tilt-up concrete sequencing.

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