The Maverick

Atlanta, Georgia

RangeWater Real Estate

Square Footage

The Maverick is a 320-unit R-2 Type V-A wood-framed multi-family project that sits at the crossing of the Southside Beltline Trail and Milton Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. The project includes six apartment buildings for a total 252,348 square feet as well as a free-standing amenity building that opens to an amenity lawn and pool deck. Buildings one and two are four-story with a basement, and buildings three through six are four-story. Building six also includes a “sky lounge” interior amenity space and exterior rooftop amenity. The project includes unconditioned corridors, 212 surface parking spaces, and a one-story subterranean parking deck with 154 spaces. The 12-acre site includes the multi-family development as well as space for future development of 110 townhomes.