New River Marine Corps Air Station ATCT & Maintenance Hangar

Jacksonville, North Carolina

Mid-Atlantic Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Square Footage
46,263 (New)

968 (Renovation)

This project involved raising and reconstructing an existing Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT), elevating it an additional 18 feet to accommodate the ever-changing surrounding environment of Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) New River. Additionally, the scope involved demolishing the existing AS-504 Hangar and ATCT to make way for the construction of P652 VMMT-204 Maintenance Hangar Phase III.

To accommodate the needs of the P652 VMMT Hangar, New South constructed an addition to the existing hangar to test and provide maintenance to the MV-22 Osprey aircraft as well as to accommodate three fully-spread aircraft and one folded. The hangar bay included a seven-ton overhead bridge crane, fabric hangar doors, and an uplifting AFFF fire suppression system. The first floor houses shop space, restrooms, and mechanical and electrical rooms, while the second floor includes administrative space, locker rooms, training facilities, flight line operations, and additional support spaces.