Riverbend Correctional Facility

Milledgeville, Georgia

GEO Group

Square Footage

The new Riverbend Correctional Facility is a design/build project of a 1,500-bed facility to house medium and minimum custody adult male inmates. The facility is 280,000 square feet and includes a variety of inmate programs and services such as: library, law library, multi-purpose classrooms, vocational classrooms, office space for program staff, chapel, three covered gymnasiums with support areas, and two outdoor recreation yards with a play field and uncovered basketball courts.

The Facility Administration is a standalone building that includes: Visitor reception, GEO administration offices, central control, Armory/Locksmith, staff training rooms and staff locker rooms. Support services include: Visitation (contact and non-contact), intake, commissary, medical, food service, laundry and maintenance. Additionally, there is a warehouse and maintenance building which includes a maintenance shop and service yard to receive semi-truck and trailer deliveries.

The site is located in Baldwin County, Milledgeville, Georgia and is a much welcomed facility in the state of Georgia.

Awards & Recognition