Roberto C. Goizueta (RCG) Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

The Coca-Cola Company

Square Footage

The Roberto C. Goizueta (RCG) Hall at the Coca-Cola main headquarters was designed and executed to meet a variety of needs. Previously served by an antiquated theater that was slated for demolition, the campus was in need of a large space for presentations that could also be of flexible use for smaller gatherings and other event needs. New South worked closely with a structural engineer to retrofit this portion of an existing building with a large open-span presentation space without any visible structural supports. The resulting conference space features a main stage, seating for 600 attendees, and a fully-enabled AV platform and theater lighting to support both live and filmed presentations. There is a 40’ x 11’ high-resolution LED display behind the main stage, and two 14’ x 11’ displays flanking either side.

The room was designed so two ends could be sectioned off into smaller, fully AV-enabled conference rooms while leaving the main stage portion operational in the center. With the need to support both live and filmed presentations and events that represent the Coca-Cola brand, consideration for acoustics, access and lighting was of high importance while also incorporating brand-inspired elements. The result is a premier, high-tech and flexible auditorium that supports the needs of the Coca-Cola world headquarters.​