Georgia State University | Outdoor Sand Volleyball Courts

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia State University

Square Footage
.63 acres

Georgia State University’s Outdoor Sports Arena project was a two-phased project. The first phase included three NCAA sand volleyball courts and featured a championship court, team and media areas, and spectator seating. The second phase included the addition of lighting for night games, landscaping with palm trees, and other ‘beach’ species along with graphic enhancements reinforcing university brand and the ‘GSU Beach’ theme.

The site was challenged by a 20-foot grade change. The solution was a terracing of three courts from high to low toward Piedmont Avenue. This provided good visual access of all courts as well as ADA accessibility. Terracing the courts in a north/south orientation created seating tiers along the sideline for each court while allowing for more sand and boardwalk at the end line of each court. This orientation also keeps afternoon shadows from the CSX wall off the play area while shading spectators and media.

Ninety-three percent of existing site materials and construction debris were recycled. Under the sand and seating is an encapsulated drainage course flowing storm water to a detention field under the lowest court along Piedmont Avenue, thereby minimizing run off impact on Atlanta’s storm system.

Awards & Recognition